Friday, October 01, 2004

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Boys

Boys love Halloween. Many of their costume can be made easily and cheaply. The following are some great ideas for boys costumes from athletes to bad guys and everything in between.

Baseball Player
Football Player
Soccer Player
This costume’s a winner for the soccer fan in your household. Simply have your child wear a short sleeved v-neck sport shirt over a long-sleeved T-shirt (use her team’s favorite colors). Use cloth tape to write the star’s number and name on the front and back of the jersey. Finish the uniform with shorts, knee socks, sneakers, and sweatbands. The perfect goodie carrier? A small duffel bag.
Make a simple doctor costume with a lab coat and a few other items. Wear a nice shirt and pants underneath the lab coat. From there, modify the costume to fit the type of doctor you want to be. Glue an old CD to a headband or piece of elastic to wear across your forehead to be an old-fashioned doctor. Carry a black bag to be a traveling doctor. Wear army fatigues under your coat to be a military doctor. Carry around a clipboard to be a hospital administrator.

Pirate Boy
Harry Potter

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