Monday, November 15, 2004

How to Winterize your car, Holiday Leftover ideas

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In this week's issue Living on a Budget in a Non Budget World

Money Saving Tips
Featured Article How to Winterize your car
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The Frugal Five
Holiday Leftover Ideas
Money in the News End of the Year Tax Planning

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SphynxCrazy said...

Frugal Work home mom! Ugh I've had it with all these huge posts, this blogging on dialup is seriously for the birds. All these photo's and flash in the blogs anymore have force me into getting 14.95 Verizon DSL. I guess it's not so bad tho now that it is like 14.95 a month or whatever. Please be kind to all those remaining dialup users! But enough with that. Lets get back to the How to Winterize your car, Holiday Leftover ideas stuff.