Monday, January 24, 2005

FICO scores

What's a FICO® Score?
Your FICO® score is a number that tells lenders what kind of borrower you will likely be, based on your credit history. Your score is between 300 and 850 and lenders prefer borrowers with higher scores.

35% of the score is determined by payment histories on your credit accounts, with recent history weighted a bit more heavily than the distant past;
30% is based upon the amount of debt you have outstanding with all creditors;
15% is produced on the basis of how long you've been a credit user (a longer history is better if you've always made timely payments);
10% is comprised of very recent history, based on your efforts to obtain loans or credit lines in the past few months;
10% is calculated from the mix of credit you hold, including installment loans (like car loans), leases, mortgages, credit cards, etc. FICO Score odds of a delinquent account

How to get your FICO score:

The Web site will sell you a comparison of your three credit reports from the three main companies: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion along with your FICO score for $40. For this price you also gain access to a feature on the site that lets you create hypothetical situations, such as paying off a particular debt or paying credit card bills on time, etc., and see how such actions will affect your score.

Take a quiz to get a general rating of your FICO score

FICO score estimator

Enjoy your savings!


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