Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Meal in a box vs prepared by me~

I know I am lucky that I can work at home and have time to make meals but things some prepared food like those a Banquet Homestyle meals in a box sort of just puzzle me.

There is a box called Chicken, Corn bread and baked beans for $4.99 on sale for $3.99. Says serves 5 and fills 4.5 x 6 pan. Cost per serving $1.00

I could probably make double the meal for a little more 1/2 half the price.

2 box of jiffy corn bread 66 cents
1 can 28 oz of baked beans 99
1 lb of boneless chicken breast 1.99

Of course you made need to add an egg or some milk but the cost are pennies each.

That would easily fill a 6 x 9 pan and serve about 8 people. Serving cost less than 50 cents a person.

An easy to make meal! Honestly how much longer would it take you to make vs using the box. I will have to try it and let you know if gets a "Do Over" in our house.

Enjoy your savings!



As Bjorn said...

How about making your own cornbread? Cheaper and better than that box stuff. How about soaking some beans and cooking them with some molasses and spices? Cheaper and better than a can of baked beans. How about buying an actual chicken and cutting it up? Much better value and the really flavorful meat is in the legs/thighs.

The real trick is living well on the cheap. Good luck to you on that.

Frugal Work at home mom said...

Yes you can make it cheaper than that by doing all of those things as well. However most folks don't.

I have never been one that can do beans from a bag. But give me a can and I am okay LOL

Enjoy your savings!

John said...

Buying whole chickens (about $4) save a lot of money as well. Cutting up a chicken takes some practice and about 5 minutes, but in the end you have your two breasts + legs, thighs and wings for dinner....

John ROgers

Anonymous said...

I do not think I would ever buy one of the homestyle meals. Have you seen the crockpot ones? They are almost $7.00 Crazy!