Monday, January 31, 2005

Tax time

Time to do Taxes Here
are three of the most popular ways to do taxes yourself 

TurboTax Deluxe 2004 Win/Mac

  • Tax preparation
    software with step-by-step guidance and free electronic filing

  • Extra help for
    mortgages, charitable contributions, and other important deductions

  • Assistance from
    official IRS publications and expert video advice

  • Updated life
    events planner; medical expense expert; complete tax library

  • Double-checks
    return for accuracy; compares last year's deductions to this year's



  • Prepare Federal & State Individual Tax Returns

  • E-file State Returns With
    Your Federal Return

  • Get the Tax Forms That Are Right For You

  • Secure Access to Prior Year Returns

  • Manage Your Taxes Securely 100% Online


  • Complete a short tax interview

  • E-file your return with click
    of a mouse

  • Get your refund fast


oiuhewgiuohng said...

I did our taxes via the H&R Block web site for free. Got our refund in 9 days!!

Frugal Work at home mom said...

How did you did your taxes for free? I see them charging 29.95. If you have the link please let me know.

oiuhewgiuohng said...

Go to the IRS web site and you will find a few links there to do them for free. Also, if you make under a certain amt, there's TONS of site then that will let you do them for free as well. :)