Tuesday, February 08, 2005


We just starting giving our oldest 6 yr an allowance. It is based on chores/behavior. He gets 10 cents for making his bed, picking up his toys, helping out emptying the dishwasher, being good at school(he gets a daily behavior chart), good on the bus, being kind to his brothers etc.

It is working out quite well... both with chores and behavior.

Do you give your children an allowance?


Anonymous said...

I have a responsibility chart for my 8 and 4 year old. Their allowance is a set amount each week, but it is dependent upon completing their responsibilities. Each week, they also save 10% and tithe 10% of their allowance. I "match" their savings into their own savings account.

My biggest thing is having to repeat telling them something over and over. They get two chances, then I start deducting from their allowance. Other things such as not wearing your seatbelt is an automatic deduction, no chances.

I also make a "surprise" bonus every 4 weeks - if the kids get 95% of their chart filled in for 4 weeks, they can choose from a movie, dinner at Culver's/McD's, etc.

One last thing, I no longer buy snacks at the checkout stand or impulse toys, with the exception of birthdays and Christmas. They use their allowance to buy their own little treats or save up for a deck of yu-gi-oh cards.

Have a good one!

Luke said...

I'm well beyond that stage with my 2 kids (28 and 24), but when they were younger they had a fixed amount each week for their allowances which they received regardless of any chores done. Bonus amounts were given and these were linked to chores done around the house. Kinda like base pay plus overtime!