Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Romance on a Budget Love is Patient Kind and Cheap!

How to have a frugal Valentine's Day

valentines dayValentine's Day is around the corner and men from Alaska to Florida are breaking into a cold sweat. They've bought into the fallacy that romance equals money. Men everywhere have been frightened off by television and movies and believe that romance is something outside of their budget. They are wrong.

When I think of the most romantic and breathtaking stories that my friends and I discuss over coffee, we don't talk about flying off to Europe or drinking the most expensive champagne. The little things like holding hands, reading stories together, and lots of laughter are what we hold dear.

I've put together a list of ways to show love -- without running up your credit card
bill. And, ladies, this list is for you, too. Initiate the following ideas with your
Sweetie, and show him how much you care. The ideas below are for men or women and fit
every budget.

Love Notes - Leave Love Notes for your Sweetheart to find.

Pampering - Brush her hair. Scratch his back.

Wildlife - Feed the ducks, squirrels, birds, turtles or fish near you.

Games - Turn off the TV. Sit and play cards or board games together.

Cooking - Find recipes to make with your sweetheart.

Candles - Candles should be used every day -- for meals, bath time, snuggling.

Read together - Choose a book and take turns reading it to each other.

Photos - When is the last time you had a photo taken together? What are you waiting for?

Work Date - Surprise your love with a lunch date.

Stroll - Leave the TV, phone and computer behind and go on a walk together.

Spell it Out - With Sidewalk Chalk, write your names in a heart on the sidewalk where
your sweetheart is sure to see it.

Entertainment - Go see a High School or College play or concert. It is affordable and

Slow Dance - Turn on the radio and dance to the songs you fell in love listening to.

Star Gaze - Drive out to the country and look at the stars.

Volunteer - Choose a charity or cause that means something to both of you and work
together to make the world a better place.

Love Story - Write how you met, fell in love, how you felt, what your thoughts were. You
will treasure looking through these books over the years.

Love Grows - Plant a garden together. Herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruit -- anything you
both like.

Cheer - Go to a High School Sporting Event.

Warm Hearts - Snuggle by a campfire or build a fire in the fireplace.

Watch the Clouds - Lay together and watch the clouds go by. Talk about the different
shapes you see.

Connect - Hug, Hold Hands, Put your Arm around your Sweetheart.

Big Money - Write your Sweetheart a Check for One Million Kisses. Or make a coupon book
of treats for him or her.

Window Shop - Go downtown and window shop.

Early Days - Look at photo albums of yourselves when you were kids through your dating

Puzzles - Do a jigsaw or crossword puzzle together.

Wish List - Both make a wish list of things that make you happy and put them in order.
Hugs, dates, gifts, time together, intimacy, etc. Then look at the lists. They may
surprise you.

People Watch - Sit on a bench and watch people go by. Try to guess their stories.

Play - Go to the park and swing.

Kiss - Before you part for the day, kiss for 10 seconds. It is much better than a quick
peck on the cheek.

Picnic - Get take out food or make a picnic lunch. Take your time and enjoy your meal
together outdoors.

Throw Rocks - Go to a pond, creek, or lake and throw rocks. Try to skip them or aim for
different targets.

So, although an occasional expensive dinner is appreciated, it is truly the day-to-day
affection that builds romance and love. Yes, Love is Patient, Kind -- and Cheap!

About the Author: Nicole Dean is the owner of -- a fun and exciting site for Moms and Work from Home Moms. She lives in Florida with her much loved Husband of almost 10 years, and their two silly children.


Ellen LaFleche-Christian said...

Hi Nicole - I enjoyed the ideas! Thanks for sharing them.

Mrs Nespy said...

Ahhh...this all sounds so much nicer than the stress of figuring out what to buy and then figuring out how to pay for it! Thanks!

Mum on the Run said...

Gorgeous ideas - and so do-able.

Maxabella said...

Very special, Nicole. It doesn't take a lot to keep someone in your heart. x

MultipleMum said...

A very timely post for me. We are having a no-spend February (after our Buy Nothing New year). I will try one of these a day to keep the spirits high while we are tightening the purse strings. Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind. x

Frugal wahm said...

Thanks! we are trying not to spend as much either!

sandra @ the sensible mom said...

These are some great ideas. The ones that stick out to me are making a recipe together and using candles every day. These are two things it'd be great to do with my husband more often. :)