Monday, April 24, 2006

Hey Mom I want an Ipod

I am sure alot of Mom and Dad have heard that statement. My children are still on the younger side and I don't think my 7 year old knows what one is. However he wants to expand his ever growing collections of little Legos and X-box games. Are we creating a nation of spoiled little brats by providing our kids expensive toys?

Spare the Ipod, Unspoil the Child takes a look at the overindulgence of parents giving kids all sorts of toys and gadgets.

However it is just not the spoiling issues or keeping up the jones kids, it has to do how we raise them to be money smart as well.

Parents are spending so much to keep their children entertained that these young folks don't know how to entertain themselves with anything that doesn't cost money.

Right now there are debt-plagued parents parading through Disney World or Disneyland or some other vacation spot adding more charges to their credit cards to please their children.

What are you teaching your kids? Instant Gratification and spend, spend spend or live within your means?

I am trying to raise my children that they do not need the latest gizmos. You can save and earn money to buy their toys. However I know as they get older they will say "Sam as has an Ipod or cell phone and I need one to fit in" Hopefully I will stick to my guns (and my husband as well) and say no in 5 years as well.

Heck I am 35 years old and don't have an Ipod.

Enjoy your savings!


Ashley said...

Just to let you know. I'm gonna be doing an entry on The Disney Vaule Resorts 2day. I ahve a lot more tips for saving money. I"ll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...
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