Monday, April 23, 2007

Healthy eating on a budget- Part 2

Frozen dinners, Hamburger helper are staples of many households now these days. Convieience food isn't always good for the waist line as well your food budget

Here are some tips for Cooking From Scratch or atleast not from a a box!

1. Use your freezer! Sometimes you will hear this called Freezer cooking, once a month cooking. Otherwords cooking multiple entrees in a single session banks home-cooked meals--and precious family time--for busy moms. I don't do "once a month cooking" but more bulk cooking. If I am going to make a lasganna, I make two. The same with meatloaf. Friendly Freezer is a great resource to see what freezes well, get menu suggestions etc.

2. Use a crockpot! I use my crockpot atleast once a week. Nothing is easier than throwing in some chicken, sauce and some veggies for a great filling dinner.

3. Be creative Homemade hamburger helper mixes are a great way to make a good filling meal.

Make sure you add veggies to every meal!

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