Saturday, May 12, 2007

Disney Trip paid in cash

We will be going to Disney over the summer! If you have been following my progress, we have been planning this for over 1.5 years-it is a once in a lifetime trip. I charged the trip, but immediately paid the credit card off!

Our trip will be costing us approximately $6000. It is not exactly a budget frugal mind vacation, but is a vacation that will a once in a life time trip.

1. We will be staying at the value resort-actually the Disney All-Star Music Suites. Since we are a family of 5, it was either two value rooms or this. So our room price isn't all that cheap.

2. We will be using the Disney Dining plan. The Disney Dining Plan puts guests on a two-meal-and-a-snack per day diet for each night of their stay. For adults it is 37.99 a day and for the under 10 crowd 9.99 a day. It is actually great not to have to worry about paying for each meal individually.

3. We will be using Disney Transportation called the Magical Express from the airport to the resort. Since we will not be renting a car, we will use the Disney buses.

4. Included in our $6,000 budgeted for this trip we have $1000 spending money. We probably won't spend all of that but I would rather budget more than not.

5. I saved about $250 a month for our trip plus used our tax refund for this year to help pay for this all. This will not be a trip that we will be paying for years.

So a frugal minded family can do Disney with some proper planning. My favorite resources for Disney include:

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