Saturday, May 19, 2007

Free summer movies for the kids

Many movie theatre chains offer free movies during the summer for kids during the movie! Not first run and many are already out on DVD but hey it is a free movie and the kids will probably enjoy sitting the movie theatre. We have taken advantage of this quite a bit-last year we saw Jimmy Neutron, Ice Age and a couple of others. The kids love it.
AMC Theatres
Regal Entertainment Group
National Amusements - Programs Kids over 6 must bring a book report

Dickinson Theatres It says free on the website but some feedback from a reader shared this. I live in Kansas and our local theatre is a Dickenson movie theatre. However, the movies aren't free. They are still extremely cheap. Our local elementary school sells a book of 10 tickets for $6...that's less than $1 a movie. Plus, our school earns 50% of the ticket price. So, each book of tickets sold earns our school $3. Still an awesome deal. I just wanted your readers to know that they aren't necessary always free movies...almost free though:) He may be referring to older movies though. IL MN OH WIPay $2.50 but get a drink and popcorn
Crown movies CT, IL, MD, MN, NV

Free outdoor movies in Orlando
Movies under the Stars Atlanta, GA
Screen on the Green 2007-Free Outdoor Movies at the National Mall in Washington, DC

If you know of more places that offer movies either theatres or outside please place in comments!
There are lots of ways to keep the summer fun and frugal

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