Thursday, May 24, 2007

Frugal gardening and lawn tips

I love to garden especially vegetables. Nothing like some fresh tomatoes off the vine. Keep the flower beds and lawn looking good can take time and money.

Here are some tips for keeping a frugal garden:

Do it yourself

The most obvious way to save money is not to hire a landscaper to mow the lawn, mulch and weed the grass. If you do need someone to mow your lawn, see if you can hire an individual vs a landscaping company. Gardening is good exercise as well as mowing the lawn so maybe turn off the TV for a few hours a week.

Leave the grass clipping on the lawn
When you are mowing leave the bag off and the grass clipping go right on the grass. Bottom line you can use less fertilizer and weed killer plus they make your lawn look nicer.

Use homemade weed killer
Use boiling water or vinager to kill the weeds. A lot cheaper than the commerical weed killers on the market.

Creating a rich soil can be as simple as mixing in some fallen leaves that you've let sit in a trash bag over the winter with some ventilation holes cut in it. Mix the leaf debris into your soil for spring planting. Things like coffee grounds and egg shells can be thrown in as well.

Use what you got
You can use old garlic cloves or potatos-plant them the garden to see if they will grow.

Grow a salad
Salad greens are so expensive. Growing different types of lettuce for variety can help decrease your overall produce bill.

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