Saturday, May 26, 2007

How much does clothing really cost?

Take your favorite shirt.

Do you remember how much you paid for it?

Now how often do you wear it?

A simple formula of price paid/how often you wear it equals the true cost of the clothing.

Have you ever done that? Most people don't JD at Get Rich Slowly/ did for a favorite pair of pants. I never did either, but thought I would try it out.

I have had a favorite winter jacket that cost $150  that I probably wear 5 times x 15 weeks a year. I have had the jacket for 4 years now. It is still in good condition. The cost per wear is about 40 cents. If I keep it more years, the cost will go down.

For kids, jackets. My kids get new ones each year due to them growing  However I am not going to spend $150 on a winter coat for them. I think the most I have spent is $25 at consignment store   since the cost would be roughly 33 cents per wear. If the jacket can be hand me down, the cost goes down even more.

The next time you pick up a nice shirt or pants that might be a little higher than what you usually spend, think of how many you will wear them and calculate the cost.

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