Sunday, May 13, 2007

Money habits and my mom

I was reflecting on my mom and money this morning because of Mother's Day I written a post almost 2 years ago as I sat in their vacation home. Did I learn my money habits from my mom

I honestly do not know if I got my money habits from my mom. My mom looks at me crazy when I talk about online banking. She just started using an ATM this year-she always paid cash for everything. Paying cash and not pulling out a credit card is one thing I do remember. That is one thing I get from her

Two years later my mom is still rarely using an ATM and forget about online banking or online shopping. The more I think about it, cash was king in their household is and still is. Their dream car was a black cadillac (I think more my Dad's, but my mom drives it every day) they paid cash for it.

Mom has been at a job for the last 18 years (the one she got when I started college) and her division is closing. She found out that her last day will be in June. Is she scared? At 60 years old, she really doesn't want to retire nor will she. She said she is going to enjoy the summer and then find a part time job in the fall. Luckily, my mother has been planning for the rainey day since she got married.

Happy Mother's Day Mom! And to all the mom's out there.

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