Thursday, May 31, 2007

So do some frugal tips make you want to gag?

We all know some money saving tips out there are especially crazy. The Tightwad Gazette is the bible of most frugal folks out there. Some ideas are a little gross. Jana Thompson praticially gagged on this one.

I believe one columnist had a reader who suggested collecting all the mostly used-up bars of soap in the house, wadding them into a ball and tying them in the amputated foot from an old pair of nylons. Run the “package” under water, and voilĂ , it’s bath time! Loofah away. I’m going to throw up now. OK, I’m back. Yikes, lady! Just pop for another bar of soap.

That one is just plain old gross.

Here is a better tip for using old soap.
Don't throw away bar soap that dissolves into those little pieces. Save them and add water, then slowly melt them down on the stove and use as liquid soap. Or melt them down without water and pour into greased jar lids or anything you want to use for the a mold and you have new bars of soap!

Another tip that one reader sent me was to use a tissue as toilet paper later on. Yikes! Sheryl Crowe might like that one, but never in my household.

One that I don't find too bad is reusing the the small plastic baggies or the gallon size ones. Unless I am putting in produce or meat, I like to reuse them. My husband thinks I am nuts.

Any tips out there that you said No way! That's gross or just plain old disgusting.


Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

I have a soap saver bag that I knit out of kitchen cotton just to put those little pieces of soap bars into so I can keep using them. I don't really see what is gross about it. How is that any different than using a bar of soap?

I'm not being sarcastic or anything, I just really don't see the objection.

Frugal Homemaker said...

I'm sure that there is something that I would find gross, but there's not much. I've done a lot of things that people would find gross, but one person's too far is another person's salvation.

Anonymous said...

A sap saver bag is a lot different than use only panty hose.

Anonymous said...

I agree, what's wrong with saving the soap? Also the tissue idea... I think that's great

Frugal Work at home mom said...

There is nothing wrong with saving soap. However the idea of of putting in in used panty hose and using it as a loofa is gross.

I do save old soap to use for liquid soap. Easier to wash the kids hands that way.

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

It's interesting how differently people feel about things. To me, as long as the panty hose is clean, it isn't a problem. After all, I put it on my body. . . .but then again, there are folks out there who have a very strong anti foot thing going on, so I guess I can understand that if that is a hangup for you it could trigger a gag response.