Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spiderman, pringles and much more

In case your are living under a rock, Spiderman 3 openned yesterday at the movies. I have 3 boys who are huge Spiderman fans. However my 5 year old is a really big big fan- obsessed with Spiderman. When he gets older he is going to change his name to Peter Parker. (If C only knew that his name could have been Parker but I changed my mind last minute)

We have just about every Spiderman action figure from 1 and 2. X-box games, comic books, puzzles etc etc. I had to run into Wal-mart yesterday for a present for a birthday party that my oldest is going to.

C had thought we had run into Spiderman heaven-more Spidey toys, Spidey food etc etc. He really wants Spiderman 3 game on x-box but he says he will have to go to one of his uncles house to play new xbox game since it is only for xbox 360.

He wants the new webslinger water gun, he wants the new Spiderman villians. Luckily, he understand no means no.

However when we see Pringles with Spiderman on it- he goes crazy. Potato chips with Spiderman. I get him those..

Guess what he slept with last night.. the Spiderman Pringles Container. LOL

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Zachary said...

I used to love Spiderman when I was a kid. I would go around webbing people and swinging from anything resembling a web rope. LOL