Wednesday, June 06, 2007

5 simple ways to reduce your energy bill

Some old, some new tips for saving energy in your house from Consumer Reports

1) Use your washer's cold water setting. 90 percent of the energy you use to wash a load of clothes goes toward heating the water.

Check we do this

2) Use the microwave instead of a conventional oven. A conventional oven uses 5 times more energy.

I do to do this more often. I use my crockpot alot

3) Lose the loaded roof rack on your car or SUV. Doing so can cut fuel efficiency by 5-15 percent.

No roof rack here

4) Use the dishwasher instead of hand-washing dishes. It could save up to 20 gallons of heated water per day.

Check this is an easy one for me

5) Let your computer sleep. Allowing your computer to go into a sleep mode when it is idle could reduce your electricity usage by up to 40 percent. You can do this by clicking opening your "Control Panel" and selecting the "Power Settings" option.

This is a new tip to me. I will have to start doing it

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