Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dump the pump day

'Dump the Pump Day' delivers an environmental friendly alternative to driving. It also helps reduce our nation's dependency on oil and rising fuel costs, at least for one day.
People are encouraged to leave their vehicles at home Thursday and rely on public transit. By doing so, you'll join more than 34 million riders across the country who use public transit each weekday. American Public Transportation Association or (APTA) says 'Dump the Pump' will create a positive experience for drivers.

I wrote about this last year and my thoughts are about the same.

Public transporation in my area is crappy. I live about 25 miles outside of Boston. I can get the commuter train into Boston about 3 miles from my house, but it goes to Boston. I used to take that commuter train into Boston when I worked. My husband doesn't work in Boston so he drives to his work about 10 miles away. There are no buses around here either.

If you have the option to take public transportation to work, today might be a good day to take advantage of it.

In the meantime, here are some

Gas Saving Tips

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