Thursday, June 14, 2007

Festival of Frugality

This week's festival of Frugality showed a common theme-thrift stores and buying used.

Frugal Upstate did the hosting this week so check them out.

Here are some of the thrift store story highlights... and Jen from Frugal States thoughts.

Kevin at Kmull was pleasantly surprised at the quality of clothing that he found at thrift stores. Personally, I think second hand is the way to go on most things!

The Frugal Babe converted to thrift store shopping long ago-but this week she found some great deals on exactly what she was looking for! I usually have to shop pretty regularly for several months when I'm looking for a specific item. She must have good thrifting karma.

Family Finance Blog went shopping for baby clothes. He didn't buy the $150 baby set (ouch!) at Babies R Us, but hit the thrift store and the sales racks at Kohls! That's some smart shopping.

And my contribution to this week festival was...
Frugal Momma has a list of 5 tips and tricks for paying less for your movie theater tickets this summer.

So check out this week's festival of frugality!!

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