Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Festival of Frugality

Finance is personal did the honors and hosted this week's fesitval. If you didn't see last week's
Freebie Friday, that is what I submitted!

Here are some of the top picks...

The Junk Car Stays @ Money and Such. I would have been wise to listen to this post, I recently dropped $5000 on an 01 stratus, and of course two weeks later I find out it needs over $500 in repairs…should have kept the 95 intrepid.

60 IN 3 HEALTH AND WEALTH; Sodas, coffee, bottled water and you! at 60 IN 3. This is a great article about out of all things, what we drink. Most of us (including myself) shove coffee and soda down our throat all day and we certainly aren’t doing our bodies any favors. Josefsburg offers an interesting alternative for us to drink ,and apparently it comes out of the faucet!

The Happiest $6.20 I Made in My Life, at Money Ning. A lot of us don’t recycle because we’re lazy, and it’s not very profitable for us personally to do so. Money Ning takes a fresh look at how recycling can not only make us feel good, but also provide enough money to go out to McDonalds once and a while.

What I'm Doing Right at m's blog. It appears someone else drank the “PF Blog” magic koolaid and trying to become a better steward of what she has. Take a read about her struggles, and the progress she’s already made. Keep up the progress, M!

Free and easy ways to help charities at My money and my life. Take a few minutes, spend some time helping out a charity. It’s not a lot of work, and someone up above might smile at you!

Check them out!!

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