Monday, June 04, 2007

Frugal Five Meet Candi

Candi is a frugal college student and also runs several business online including Making money online

What is your finanical life?

I'm a full time college student so work for me is out of the question at the moment, I make my money online. I have been making money online for over 2 years now and love it! I make a decent living at the moment, enough to get around and be able to take my kids out and buy them the things they need. I am the mom of 3 kids ages 10, 8, and my youngest is going on 4 in June

What is your budget buster?

Without a doubt it has always been when the family car breaks down,
it is what gets our family around so fixing it is a must.

What is your favorite money saving tip?

I save change! lol. I have always saved all the change I get even if it's pennies and once a year i'll put it in the family bank account. It works well for me! I always save more than $100 a year. Not bad

If you had an extra $1000 what would you do with it?
I would definitely save it. Right now i'm saving for a better family car. (Check out Tips for buying a used car )

What is your best resource for frugal living?

I like books by Suze Orman she has some really good advice and tips.

Thanks Candi for sharing all of your great tips! Let us know if you would like to be profiled in the Frugal Five

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