Monday, July 30, 2007

Frugal Five Meet Julie

Julie is a frugal lady that is a central figure on the savingadvice boards and shares her own journey at I'm a saver

What is your financial life?

I have been interested in saving money all my life. I am older and have 1 adopted daughter. My husband and I live in the North Georgia Mountains. My father died when I was nine and suddenly there was no income coming in. I got a job at age 12 and started saving part of everything I earned. I got married at age 20. At that time I was making $1 an hour. I saved my money and bought my first house at age 21. Since I knew nothing about investing and there were no IRA's back then, I concentrated on paying my house off, which I did when I turned 32. I have lived mortgage free ever since. At this point I have no mortgage, no credit card debt and we live on my husband's income only. My last full time job was as a waitress making $2.01 an hour in a rural town.

What is your budget buster?

My biggest budget buster is not house payments, but cars. My husband loves cars! Since he works so hard, seven days a week, I do indulge him with a new car once in a while.

What is your favorite money saving tip?

My biggest money saving tip is, it doesn't matter how much you earn, it is how much of your money that you keep that counts. Pay yourself first. I always sat down with my tips and paid myself 10-15% before I ever paid the bills.

If you had an extra $1000 what would you do with it?

I would just save it.

What is your best resource for frugal living?

My best financial resources were all the good financial books that I have read over the years.

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