Friday, August 17, 2007

Freebie Friday and coupons

Enjoy your free samples this week!

Free Nutramigen, Gentlease, and A.R. LIPIL
Free Nutramigen LIPIL, Enfamil Gentlease LIPIL, and
Enfamil A.R. LIPIL instant printable certificate.

Free blood glucose meter

Free American Baby Magazine: 2-Year Subscription
Free two-year subscription to American Baby Magazine. It has pre- and post-natal information with great tips for keeping your newborn healthy!

Free Sun Crystals Natural Sweetener (McNeil)
Click here for a free sample of Sun Crystals™ Natural Low Calorie Sweetener.

Free Scotch-Bright Toilet Scrubbers
Free Scotch-Bright Disposable Toilet Scrubbers. The Only One with Built-in Bleach!

Free Starbucks Grande Beverage
Free Starbucks grande size prepared beverage with beverage purchase of same size, at Target

Free Guide to a Healthy Home
Free copy of "What To Expect Guide to a Healthy Home." This new guide is full of helpful information and simple ideas so you can keep your home and family healthier.

Free baby magnet

Free school folders

Free Purell Hand Sanitzer

Sharpie Disney Dream Vacation and free Disney coloring pages

Brain Power! The NIDA Junior Scientist Program: Grades K-1
The Junior Scientist Program consists of six modules. It includes a video, materials for students, a parent newsletter, and a teacher’s guide for each module. The goal of the NIDA Junior Scientist Program is to lay the foundation for future scientific learning and substance abuse prevention efforts by providing an early elementary school-age audience with a basis of knowledge and critical thinking skills

Brain Power! The NIDA Junior Scientist Program: Grades 2-3
This package is designed to interest and educate students in an age-appropriate manner about their brains, why they should protect it, and how drugs such as nicotine and inhalants can hurt their brain. The parent's guide describes activities that can be done with the whole family and includes a listing of resources. The teacher's guide provides more in depth information, suggestions for activities for the classroom, and a list of resources.

Brain Power! The NIDA Junior Scientist Program: Grades 4-5

The Brain Power! program takes students in grades 4 and 5 step by step through an exploration of the processes of science and how to use these processes to learn about the brain, the nervous system, and the effects of drugs on the nervous system and the body. The materials include a videotape, a teacher’s guide, trading cards, and parent newsletters.

Chocolate Chex Chex® cereals offer wholesome great taste, essential vitamins and minerals and an enjoyable crunch. The savory new flavor of Chocolate Chex® gives you one more reason to be glad to get up in the morning. Chocolate Chex is an everyday, affordable and nutritious cereal the whole family will enjoy

Playtex Sport Tampon

Free post it pack includes Note Cubes, Flash Cards, Flag Highlighters, and Flags

Enter to win $5,000 cash by taking a survey

Get paid to read emails

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