Monday, August 27, 2007

Frugal Five Meet Annita

Annita is a wife, mommy of one, and freelance writer in Kentucky living a frugal life while trying to earn some money working from home. She just started a new blog about her frugal journey at

What is your finanical life?
I am married with a one year old son. I stay home full time and I am trying to build a career as a freelance writer. We own our home, but while we were both working we racked up quite a bit of credit card debt that we are currently trying to pay off.

What is your budget buster?

Credit card debt is what really hurts because often we can only afford to pay the minimum which means interest is eating us alive.

What is your favorite money saving tip?

My favorite tip has to be menu planning. It sounds simple enough, but in our budget groceries are often the only flexible spending area that we have. By planning out a menu every week I know exactly what I have to have and there are no unplanned trips to the grocery where I might be tempted to buy things we don't need. I can also plan meals around available funds, if we have more I willl choose different meals than if money is tight.

If you had an extra $1000 what would you do with it?

Since cold weather is right around the corner I would probably stick it in an envelope marked electric bill and use it as backup when our bill gets high this winter. If I had any left when winter was over I would apply it to our highest interest credit card.

What is your best resource for frugal living?
When I decided to quit my job I started searching the internet for tips and websites like and were a big help to me.

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