Thursday, September 20, 2007

AAA equals peace of mind

I have kind of a crazy week. Been sick with a stomach bug and this morning, I start my car to drive my oldest son to school. It doesn't start. I am in a bit of a panic and remember my AAA card in my wallet. I call them and within 30 minutes they are at my house jumping my car battery. It looks like one of the kids (or me) didn't shut the car door tight enough.

For peace of mind the $72 annually that my husband and I pay per year for AAA roadside assistance, it is well worth it. When I was 6 months pregnant and got a flat tire, or the time in college when I was driving a really junker, AAA was there for me! I know that there are cheaper roadside assistance out there like AT&T or through my insurance company, but I have never had to wait long.

Peace of mind is worth a couple of buck


Rick said...

A budget individual would consider AAA a luxury. A neighbor can jump a car or my insurance company offers a similar service free as a benefit.

Frugal Work at home mom said...

All of my neighbors are currently working so you can't count on someone else to jumpstart your battery. For the $75 a year that my husband and I pay, it is well worth it. There are alot of other benefits that AAA has as well besides roadside assistance.