Monday, September 24, 2007

Frugal Five Meet Maria

Maria is a work at home mom who is blogging at

What is your finanical life?

My husband has his own business and I am a work at home mom , we have three children, credit card debt (but no new CC spending!), college loans, a truck loan (DH!) and two mortgages. Our goal right now is to pay off all our non-mortgage debt ASAP, acquire no new debt, and sell our home.

What is your budget buster?
Having a large mortgage and owning a second property that brings in no income. We have so little room in our budget because of our housing costs.

What is your favorite money saving tip?
Pay cash-- use an envelope budget system. Use cash for groceries, clothes and spending money to help cut down on overspending each month. It really works!

If you had an extra $1000 what would you do with it?
Put it in my baby emergency fund--we need to build up our savings.

What is your best resource for frugal living? Is is a Website, book,
support group.
My best resource is Dave Ramsey's My Total Money Makeover web site at The Gazelle Budget has been an incredible tool for our financial peace. I highly reccomend giving it a try!

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