Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How to find bargains on eBay

If you have not heard of eBay, then where have you been? I
like to call eBay the largest garage sale in the world.
You could say it is a cyber garage sale. EBay improves
upon the conventional garage sale, by making it so much
easier to find the needle in the haystack with it powerful
search engine. I have a friend who still burns gas and
time going to garage sales and has met many people who say
they wish they knew how to buy or sell on eBay

I understand that completely. For a long time, I browsed
eBay, agog at the prices, but I just did not understand
it, so I bought nothing. Then I had a friend who let me
look over her shoulder as she showed me around on the eBay
site and explained the basics of buying and selling. Even
without the listings of things for sale, eBay is a huge
website. There are pages upon pages of policies, rules,
helpful resources for buyers, resources for sellers, and
much more. In short it can take a long time to read and
even longer to take action to buy or sell something for
the very first time. That is why having a helpful friend
with eBay experience is of great benefit.

My friend made me familiar with eBay by showing me
different areas like the seller's feedback, the search
listings, the product description and emphasizing those
aspects of them which were important. Sometimes it was the
conspicuous lack of the words "new" or "smoke-free" that
mattered most.

After I knew how to find those needles in the haystack I
wanted to buy, and I understood how to buy, the last piece
was to get the scoop on how to tell the good sellers from
the not-as-good sellers on eBay. I could see that my
friend, who was an eBay seller herself, cared a lot about
her one-hundred percent positive feedback. I knew she
would go to the post office the very next day after making
a sale, so she would get comments from her customers about
her fast shipping. I learned how to read the feedback

Not only did I get comfortable with eBay, I also started
having fun. Recently I purchased a couple of new clothing
items for less than half the price of one and that
includes the shipping. What is more fun to a shopper than
picking up some real bargains?

Matia Bryson, the author of this article, teaches the
newcomer to eBay shopping the fundamentals so they can
catch up quickly:

The eBay Shopping Home Study Course

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