Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Big Macs causing debt?

Driving by McDonald's on a recent weekend, the line going through the drive-thru was at least 7 cars deep. I wondered how many were paying cash vs using a credit card.

Yes, credit cards! Most of the fast food places now accept credit cards.

I will say I am not 100% innocent here. We do take-out fast food through one of the burger places at least once a month and use a debit card for the most part. However using a credit card isn't the smartest thing here.

People who use credit cards to buy fast food actually purchase 30 percent more than those using cash. So people are consuming extra calories too and people are getting fat every day that eating large burgers and super size fries.

Those who do choose to use credit cards to buy fast food should make sure they follow the most important rule, which is to never carry a balance over from month to month.

"We know that only one-third of consumers truly pay off in full," Anyone who does not pay in full should avoid using credit cards at fast food restaurants at all costs.

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