Sunday, November 18, 2007

Frugal Meal Planning Nov 19th

Check out Thanksgiving and Turkey tips if you are hosting Thanksgiving day or even if you cook a turkey like me just for leftovers!! I am making green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, and carrots for dinner that I will bring over to my Mother in laws. My sister is law is bring the turkey and stuffing. My mother in law does the potatos and desserts. It makes it easy for all of us. I will make some coconut brownies for my aunt's house for dessert.

Here is our frugal meal planning for this week

Sun I am going out to eat with all the girl cousins and cousin wives (and one soon to be wife) -there are 12 of us which is nice. The silly aunts wanted to come but we said no!! My men are getting hot dogs and french fries tonight!!

Mon Lasagna

Tues Cheesy beef and broccoli Not enough leftovers for another meal, but plenty for lunch the next day! I have box of Rice a roni that was marked down for 40 cents that I will add so hubby and I can do lunch the next day.

Wed Leftover Lasagna

Thur Gobble Gobble! Eating at my mother in laws

Fri Turkey I make my own turkey dinner on Friday. The sides are fairly simple, green bean casserole, leftover sweet potato casserole, and of course stuffing!! I freeze the leftovers to use for meals in the upcoming weeks.

Sat Hot turkey sandwiches.

Grocery store savings will help you cut down your grocery bills without going crazy using coupons.

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Un Coeur Music said...

Hi... I saw your blog at WAHM forum and thought I'd drop in. I'm so glad I did! I just read the first couple of entries so far and this is so great! Thank you for the tips!