Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Price and tastebuds

Do you like certain things simply because they are more expensive?

Consider this study that came out this week....

Scientists working with the California Institute of Technology have discovered using brain scanning technology that the greater the price of a unit of wine, the greater the pleasure that many people receive from it. The only variable in several of the tests was price, and the higher priced wine was perceived as being of high quality, while the same wine tasted as being lower priced was deemed lower quality. This was true in several tests where the exact same Cabernet Sauvignon was used. The only difference was one wine was said to be very expensive, and the other was said to be low cost supermarket variety.

I would if the same thing could be true for Store Brand generic vs brand. A lot of people claim they know the difference between generic and brand names when in actuality they are made by the same company.

Coffee... might be interesting to try as well. Homemade cup of Joe vs Dunkin Donuts vs Starbucks!

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