Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Freebies and coupons

The Baltimore Life Companies - Freebie For Baby

Take the Unisom 8-Day Challenge

Ultra Antacid by Zicam sample

Estroven: Special Offers and Promotions by Estroven $3.00 off coupon

KnowMenopause Inside & Out DVD, featuring Cheryl Ladd.

Fiber One® Cereal

Gerber baby food sample

ZingiberRx - Topical joint and muscle pain relief cream for arthritis sufferers. sample

- Request Form for Food Allergy and Intolerance Survival Guide

Free t-shirt from


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Josef Carlo said...


I like your site! It's very relevant these days. Have you gotten a lot more readers recently as the economy started to go down?

I work on a site called Freebies Finder at and I wondered if you could give me any feedback about it? I launched it about a year ago and the user community has slowly grown ever since. I'm trying to figure out how best to attract new users. Because the site filters out free iPod scams and such, it really is useful for people who are trying to save money. I've been impressed about how much my readers like the site. Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated, and I'd love a mention on your site if you think it's appropriate and useful for your other readers.

Also, I've just started working on and would love your thoughts on that as well. It updates all the time. It's new, but if you think your readers would like it, a mention of this would be cool too!

Karen Sams said...
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Ashley said...
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