Saturday, February 25, 2012

Disappointed in Suze Orman

I have been a huge supporter of Suze Orman over the years. I have watched her Saturday night tv show on CNBC and cheered when she said denied to folks on her Can I afford it segment. I have read most of her books from the library over the years.

She recently came out with a new prepaid credit card called the approved card and it has a ton of fees. Suze claims that she is worth $25 million dollars and I know I feel that she is scamming the folks that most would get denied on her show. I don't think she should be getting into "bed" with a credit card or debit card company.

 There is a $3.00 set up charge plus a $3.00 monthly fee. There is also a $2.00 transaction fee at the ATMs. Bottom Line just because Suze Orman is endorsing the card doesn't make it a good card.

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