Monday, April 16, 2012

Budget Dinner planning week of April 15th

It is spring break here! The schedule maybe a bit loser. The growing  boys  can eat me out of house and home.  We did some baking this week-pumpkin bread and brownies for snacks. I got some rice cakes, crackers and extra fruit.    I also made a ton of breakfast burritos a few weeks ago because they like those as well.

Sunday  Homemade pizza

Monday  Ham and broccoli  quiche  (using leftover ham from last week-you will see ham on the menu over the next couple of weeks) and roasted potatoes

Tuesday Chicken and Broccoli over brown rice  (went to Trader Joes and picked up some orange chicken-hopefully this will satisfy some Chinese takeout)

Wednesday Sandwiches  ( my oldest wants to see hunger games so we will be seeing that late afternoon show)

Thursday  We are heading into Boston for the day so  I will bring some snacks and then plan on using a gift certificate for a late lunch early/dinner.  

Friday  Taco bar-got some taco meat in the fridge, beans, sour cream.
Yummy Tacos 

Saturday  we are at a soccer tournament for the whole day. I am packing food for the day and plan on doing a super easy dinner of Hot dog and french fries

Are you looking for even more menu ideas check out  Monday meal plans at organizing junky

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Admin said...

I wasn't too impressed with the trader joe orange chicken. I would rather make my own. It was very salty. I will be on the lookout for a good recipe. It didn't satisfy my chinese cravings.