Wednesday, August 01, 2012

No more cash at JC Penny stores?

Yes according to their CEO  

My goal…by the end of 2013 is to eliminate the cash route,” the former  at the. “So you think of a physical store without a cash routing. Instead, Penney will rely on mobile checkout, which it will start rolling out this fall.

I don't do much shopping at JCP but this is just not sitting well with me.

Self-checkout is fine and all but I enjoy dealing with cashiers, wouldn't want any place to be ALL self-checkout. Not to mention that's a lot of jobs lost.

JCP definitely won't be seeing my business anymore. I haven't found anything for myself there in years but it was good for some of the boys  basics and we always found good deals on things for my husband clothing.  

I want to be able to go in and sometimes pay with cash.  No everything relies on credit card and I am not so sure I want to go completely mobile with my credit card on my iphone.   I know some folks (including my mom) who won't buy online.  

I am sure that Kohls and Sears will welcome me and other shoppers like me with open arms. 

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