Monday, October 15, 2012

Frugal Meal planning week of October 14th

Happy Monday we had a busy crazy weekend that  I just sort of love. We had 3 soccer games on Saturday and it was chilly.  I brought my own coffee so I wouldn't need to go to the snack shack for their yucky  burned coffee.  Saturday night we went out to dinner for my birthday at a local place that has free dinner on your birthday! I love deals like that!!    Sunday we sold popcorn and chocolate outside of a local CVS for cub scouts and then we went over to my mom's for my birthday  for an early dinner with the family. 

If you love coffee, then you will love this Keurig Coffee Maker giveaway that  I am apart of! I love my Keurig 

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Sunday  Birthday dinner at my mom's house 

Monday  Easy cabbage roll   using cole slaw again. It was so good and even easier to make.  I love making this because it does give me leftovers for my lunch for a few days 

Tuesday   Sandwiches tonight since my husband has a work event 

Wednesday Breakfast for dinner  (requested from the kids) 

Thursday  Hot turkey sausage (got a 4 lbs  turkey sausage marked down to a $1.50 for a lb-threw them in the freezer) and pasta 

Friday  clean out the fridge night!! 

Saturday  Homemade pizza 

Are you looking for even more menu ideas check out  Monday meal plans at organizing junky  And if you a frugal blogger please join thrifty thursday linkup!

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