Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to get stress relief from exercising

Are you suffering from stress  and looking for some stress relief!    Are you stressing over money or a situation with the kids.  Don't underestimate the power of exercise!! Exercise is a good thing--it is a really good thing besides for losing weight.  A stress free happy mom equals happy family.  
.Doing exercise is not always enjoyable, but in this fast pace modern world it is a must in our daily lives. Take the case of cardio  exercise which moderates your emotions as they release endorphins during the exercise which acts as a natural pain reliever and boosts your mood. Due to this increase in endorphins, the exercise will reduce the stress from your body. This is why it is said that exercise and stress relief is related. During this process you will sweat it out which makes you feel relaxed, refreshed and you will be able to get  a good  night  sleep.
Regular exercise usually keeps the body fit and mind stress free. In this busy  crazy world a lot of moms  always complain that they have no time for exercise, it is just a lame excuse they make as they find it's not enjoyable. But when you understand how closely exercise and stress relief is linked, you will automatically find out at least some time to do any some form of exercise. I exercise as soon I get my boys off to school in the morning.  It is my time.  Do you have little ones maybe get up earlier or incorporate them in the exercise.  When my boys were little I did a lot of walking in the double stroller  or I pulled out a walking DVD.  These days, my exercise routine is typically alternating days of strength and cardio and    occasional yoga workout.   There is nothing like good kickboxing workout  that let’s me get out some aggression or stress about work or money issues. Strength training makes me feel strong and makes me proud when I can lift heavy weights.  Do what you like to do and you will do it. 

Exercise need not always be a serious activity which requires you to sweat and pant. If you are a first timer to this, or have not exercised for a long while, you can just start slowly by doing some simple exercises. You can also go for an activity that needs only very little preparation which can include gardening, or  taking your pet out for walk . By doing this you can make the transition easier and enjoyable. Honestly, I have never said after a workout that I wasn’t happy that  I worked out.   
Some basic/important ideas on exercise and stress relief:
* Exercise reduces your built up tensions and emotional tensions. 
* Exercise release endorphin's and other hormones giving the feeling of well being within you. 
* Exercise can also be used as a means of social gathering and thereby building up a better social life.


Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

I didn't run all of last week for various reasons. I finally got out the door Saturday morning, and came back so energized.

Thanks for linking up to Motivation Monday!

The Frugal Exerciser said...

Thanks for the article. I always feel exercise is one of the best stress busters next to mediation and massages.