Thursday, January 03, 2013

5 ways to bring in extra money in 2013

The Today show did a story on how to create some extra money in 2013

Cash in gift cards 
Tired of shopping? Don't need any more gifts? You may be used to holding onto gift cards for months — or years. Maybe you even used gift cards to purchase presents over the holidays. But if you need some extra cash, resale companies are happy to take them off your hands.

Work extra hours at a   part time job
Check out for finding a part time job. Or if you are a big city check out  ask Rabbit is a service offered in about a dozen major metropolitan areas that connects people who are willing to pay for jobs with people who have the skills to perform them.
Start an online store 
Turn your hobby, skills or expertise into a part-time business. Set up your own "online store" by selling products on, an online marketplace for handmade jewelry, crafts and other goods, as well as vintage items.
Hold a virtual garage sale 
Post your listings for furniture or whatever you'd like to sell online or on a smartphone mobile app like Essentially a CraigsList for your mobile phone, is a free app that offers virtual classified ads on the best deals near your location. deploys a location-based technology so that people in your area will see your product for sale (photo, description and price). Since you're selling to buyers in your area, you can avoid shipping to far away places and get paid in person.
Sell your knowledge
Calling all teachers! Sell your original lesson plans, exams, teaching guides and worksheets.
 is a website that lets you upload your original files to its catalog and set your own price. Basic membership to join the site is free and you'll get a 60 percent royalty on gross sales, paid to you quarterly through Paypal. 

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