Monday, January 28, 2013

Frugal Meal Planning week of January 27th

Here is the menu plan for the week! I am subbing on Monday and Tuesday atleast this week.  I am bringing my own lunch.

Sunday -  We went to a Chili bowl which was great! We paid $5.00 each  to get in and there were different restaurants and several homemade cooks  that provided their chili.  It was a fundraiser for the school district arts program! I got a couple of new recipes that  I may want to try. 

Monday Buffalo chicken wraps (actually make this turkey leftover turkey from the freezer that I made on New years day)  Some veggies on the side

Tuesday  Easy cabbage roll   using cole slaw again. It was so good and even easier to make.  I love making this because it does give me leftovers!   ( I made this on Sunday afternoon so I can  just throw in the oven on Tuesday afternoon) 

Wednesday  Pumpkin Sausage soup

Thursday  Easy cabbage roll  leftovers!  

Friday   Mexican lagsana 

Saturday  Oldest birthday dinner-we are taking him and a couple of his friends out to dinner at a local  arcade restaurant.  

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