Monday, February 11, 2013

Frugal Meal Planning week of February 10th

Well what a weekend, I just survived the Blizzard of 2013 here in New England. Eeek. power went out on Friday evening and we only got it back last night around 10pm. We have a fireplace  so that kept us warm when the temps in the house got really really cold to 48 degrees.    We did frozen pizza on the grill Saturday night and cooked hot dogs and french fries on the grill for Sunday dinner.   I made two thermos of hot coffee on Friday afternoon that we were able to use plus one thing of hot cocoa.   In addition, we pulled some turkey soup of the freezer and heated up on the grill in pot.   hey I live with a family of boys scouts always prepared.    Our freezer stayed cold during the time we were out-we turned it up on Friday and put in about dozen water bottles.  Everything stayed frozen during that time.  

We did have a small tree break in half and will need to clean that up this week.   The Klondike Derby was rescheduled for this weekend due to the snowstorm. 

Sunday Hot dogs on the grill 

Monday  Breakfast for dinner requested by the boys 

Tuesday  Pork chops mashed potatoes, french fries 

Wednesday   Chicken tortilla soup with  quesadilla

Thursday   Meat crusted pizza

Friday   Clean out the fridge night 

Saturday   Campside cooking

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