Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thrifty Thursday rewind Feb 21st

Welcome to this week's Thrifty Thursday! My boys are on school vacation so we are a bit loser here with the scheduling and spending some money.  We have gone to see Escape from Planet Earth,  gone ice skating  (glad I didn't break a leg) and plan on going bowling today and out to lunch today.    The movie tickets were given as Christmas gifts,  and the bowling is $20 from a groupon deal and so is our lunch!    I try to stay frugal. 

One of my dear friends and neighbors just found out this  week that she getting laid off her from her job at the end of March. It is a small family owned company and they are closing down.  We have talked money from time to time and she knows that we went through a big layoff back in 2009.  She does have some credit card debt and her mortgage is decent sized.  

How to deal with a job layoff  is how some of things my family did based on some tips from I had shared earlier.  

Have you had to deal with a layoff in your own career or did your spouse? How did you make out.

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