Sunday, May 19, 2013

ABCmouse for Kids – Try it FREE For 30 Days!

If you have kids that watch TV, you have probably seen an advertisement for ABCmouse. If you have been wanting to try it out but didn’t want to spend the money - here’s your chance. For a few days only, ABCmouse is offering a FREE 30 Day Trial! That means you can add up to THREE kids to the program for FREE!  
About the program:
The Step-by-Step Learning Path presents the full curriculum in a carefully designed program of more than 450 lessons in six levels. As your child completes each lesson, he or she is guided to the next one and is motivated to continue learning by’s Tickets and Rewards System.
BONUS you can use Paypal! If you do decide to keep it, you will only be billed $7.95 per month ($2.65 per child, if you have three). If you decide to not keep it, simply log into your account and cancel at any time!

We love ABC Mouse. This is a great program. It is logical and full of sound curriculum that is very age appropriate.
—Mother of a 4–year–old girl
We like It is a change from our normal preschool work and activities at home! It’s almost as if he has a different teacher than mom, so his response is different. I am glad that he is getting familiar with the computer also, because in school as things progress in society and education, the computer will be a very useful tool! Thanks!
—Mother of a 4–year–old boy

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