Monday, May 20, 2013

Frugal Meal planning week of May 19th

I love spring weekends and the craziness of everything!  We had such a fun busy weekend. We have two soceer games on Saturday.  I pack a whole thing to snacks in a color with water so they don't need to run to the concession stand.  Saturday night we had a potluck cookout at a local park.  Most of our good friends these days are other scout parents so we got to hang out by the fire. Sunday was baseball day.   all 3 boys hit the hay really easy on Sunday night. 

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Sunday  Frozen pizza the boys were like Mom can we go grab some Burger King after the baseball game  . We did frozen pizza much cheaper than going out at all. 

   Cheesy beef and broccoli brown rice on the side for the boys 

Tuesday     Chicken drum sticks, roasted potatos and green beans 

Wednesday  Chili 

Thursday   Baked Ziti bake 

Friday  Leftover buffet or sandwiches 

Saturday  Pizza 

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