Sunday, June 09, 2013

College Student Lived In A Van To Escape Student Loan Debt

Ken Ilgunas paid off a $32,000 student loan and finished a second degree with money to spare by  secretly living in his van for two years. 

By braving roadside public toilets, a bean-heavy diet (kind of Dave Ramsey  like)  and mice scampering where he slept, the native New Yorker gained a masters degree at Duke University and a lifetime of incredible memories.  
But one of the many downsides was that he couldn't tell other students, in case they reported him to security who would have kicked him off the campus parking lot.

Ken shares his story in his new book Walden on Wheels: On The Open Road from Debt to Freedom

It's a shame that college costs have reached such levels that Ken had to take such actions, though obviously a great credit to him that he did it.

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