Wednesday, June 05, 2013

How to pay off your student loans debt faster

Have you just graduated from college or know someone who recently did with student loans?  The average American college graduate takes 10 years  

Here are some tips to pay off your student loans faster 

Avoid the lavish Lifestyle 
You don't need to go on a big graduation vacation trip or out to dinner  and drinks every night 

Don't have mad money-

Anytime you have extra cash (ie bonuses or a raise) apply to your student loan 

Pay attention to Details  

Make sure that they are applying to principle and not the future interest-sometimes 

Move back home with Mom and Dad 
This could be your biggest booster to snowball your student loan . Apartment rentals cost $700-$1000 even if you are sharing rent with a friend. 

Check out the whole story on Fox News  of how how graduate did it within 1 year 

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