Monday, June 17, 2013

Save $100 Off Sylvan Learning plus free consultation

You don't want the kids to get rusty over the summer with their reading, writing and math kids-give them a heads up for the fall. 

At Sylvan, they know that every child is unique, each with a different set of skills and academic needs. This is why they design a learning plan specifically for each child.  Sylvan lets you:
  • Apply our Sylvan Insight™ process to create a personal learning experience tailored to your child.
  • Deliver a personal learning plan using SylvanSync™ technology for an engaging experience.
  • Provide your child with expert, Sylvan-certified teachers.
  • Offer convenient hours and flexible scheduling.
  • Give you and your child access to mySylvan™, a website that allows you to continue the learning at home.
Programs are available for students in grades Pre-K –12: Math, Reading, Writing, Study skills, Homework help, Test prep, SAT*/ACT® prep, College prep
Sign up and receive a telephone call to discuss a personalized solution that will boost the skills of your child with one of Sylvan’s dedicated education experts – for FREE!

You’ll also get $100 off your program, so head over to Sylvan to get started!

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