Saturday, January 15, 2005

Meal planning week of Jan 15th

One thing that keeps my family frugal is planning meals:

Breakfast-Usually pancakes (I usually make a huge batch and freeze) , or oatmeal and banana If I get a good deal on state bread at the bread store it will be french toast a lot too) Sundays is big breakfast in the house eggs, bacon etc.

Lunch for the kids peanut butter & jelly sandwichs, mac and cheese, or Spaghetti O, apple or applesauce, crackers

Sunday- Steak and potatos, green beans
Monday Hamburger goo (noodles, ground turkey, mixture)
Tuesday Pork Sirlon in the crockpot
Wednesday Hamburger goo leftovers
Thursday Mexican Lasgana
Friday Probably leftover mexican lagnsana and other leftovers
Sat Homemade pizza

I have frozen veggies and canned veggies which will be added to most meals. Plus salad as well.

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