Sunday, April 22, 2007

Healthy eating on a budget- Part 1

Healthy eating and eating on a budget do not have to be separate thoughts. Many families including mine try to each healthy and frugally at the same time.

Plan your meals around the sale!

Plan your weeks menus around the sales flyer for the store where you frequently shop for groceries. If there's a great buy on ground beef, plan to have spaghetti, chili, meatloaf, or some other ground beef dishes. The same applies if chicken is on sale. You can have two or three meals planned around the meat special for this week. If you do meatless, you can try meatless meals that consist of beans or other vegetable proteins.

A pricebook can be made out of a small three-ring notepad or an excel spreadsheet. In my price book I write down an item, its regular price at a certain store, and the current sales price. After keeping a price book for a little while, I can keep up with how much things typically cost. There are certain items of which I am really comfortable about prices on. I know to stock up chicken breasts when they are less than two dollars a pound. However , there are other items that I don't buy as often and so I am not so confident. Sometimes it is hard to tell if an advertised price is a good deal or not unless I keep track of the prices in my book.

Many grocery stores publish their flyers online these days. Here is a listing of most of the major grocery stores

Grocery stores weekly sales

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