Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yard Sale Tips What to buy there

If you are going to check out the local yard sales, here are some tips:

1. Make a plan for yard sales. Many people advertise the classifieds of the local newspaper but a lot of people will just put up signs, post a flyers place a free classified ad on a local community website etc. See what they are advertising! You do not want to waste your time or gas going to a yard sale that might not have anything that interests you. Craigslist is also place where people are advertising their yard sales as well. If you are looking for kid stuff, going to the yard sale of an elderly couple who is looking to downsize might not be your best bet! Use to make a map if you are not familiar with the location.

Check out group yard sales. My local twin group runs a few each year to help clear out their extra from their resale shop. Tons and tons of stuff!

2. Baby products are a huge market. However, these products are soon disposed of after being used. Why not save some money and get your baby products at huge discounts at your local yard sales. When buying baby furniture, make sure it meets current safety standards. Yard sales often have many used cribs, rocking chairs, and other baby needs that will save you over 50%. Baby clothing is also a good deal at yard sales.

3. Find clothing for your older children. There are some great deals out there. Try to buy a season ahead. Learn your brand names on them as well and you can tell the quality.

4. If you are a huge reader, pick up some books at the garage sale. Many sellers sell books for quarters or less. If you sell books, on ebay or half sometimes you will get some great deals.

5. Use the yard sales for Christmas shopping! You can save big money and look for toys at a great discount. Make sure all pieces are there. Kids get tired of games and toys so great deals are to be found.

6. Craft supplies. Many people start craft projects and never finish them. You can find all sorts of brand new supplies at yard sales for pennies on the dollar. Everything from paints to scrap booking to yarn. Mighty Bargain Hunter got a super deal on scrapbooking stuff from a former scrapbooking consultant. My local scrapbook store also organizes a scrapbooking yard sale where you can find parts of kits, etc.

7. Home decorating stuff. My mother has some wonderful finds over the years that we teased her about. We have a beautiful clock that she bought 20 years ago from a yard sale. Picture frames, small tables that might need some tender loving care but overall still in good condition. You can tend to pick up this stuff when they stress that it is a moving sale at bargain prices.

Whether you are the seller or the buyer at a yard sale, there are great deals to be found. Enjoy your yard sale experience!

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