Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pantry list

A few readers have asked what do you have in your pantry. I try to keep my pantry pretty well stocked with canned goods at least 1 months worth of stuff. I do use my price book to make sure I am getting the best deals. I will also pick up the reduced can section.

My pantry is in my basement area of my house. We have 8 4ft shelves in a corner and they are pretty much filled up!

brown sugar
baking powder
canned tuna
soda crackers
Ramon Noodles
creme of mushroom soup, currently have cream of chicken, celery and broccoli
tomato soup
canned fruit
instant brown rice
oatmeal -quick oats
oatmeal- instant flavored
cereal mostly generic Cheerios and Special K
powdered milk *if on sale, at regular price it's more than regular milk
canned soups or stews (if no leftover hubby takes these for lunch, during busy season we might have soup and sandwich nights)
mac and cheese
tomato sauce
tomato paste
canned vegetables
canned beans pinto, chick peas,
canned spaghetti
canned chili
juice boxes (for school)
oil spray
various spices

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