Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My no heat challenge

It feels even funny talking about putting on the heat as it will be in the 80s here in New England. I do challenge myself to keep off the heat until November 1st.

Two years ago as of October 21st I didn't turn the heat on, unfortunately I didn't track the exact date. Last year it was October 26th. Pretty good I would say!

Once it gets a little colder around here, we will start to wear warm clothes around the house plus socks and of course there will be extra blankets on the bed.

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Ginny said...

We started doing this 2 years ago. I think it was 2 years ago when we first started it, we made it part of the way through November. Last year, I'm pretty sure we made it through October. I will have to try & remember this year the actual date. I'm in Michigan, so it is COLD! On the news today, they were just talking about how Heat is going up again this year, ugh! We are 80's today too, crazy! I just hope it stays nice for Halloween :)